Enjoy Homegrown Plant-Based Meat In Abu Dhabi! Switch Foods Launches First UAE Facility

What’s trending in the food industry? We hear a lot about vegan meat! So what’s the buzz about? Well, it’s safe to say that people are opting for plant-based meat and turning to vegetarians and vegans for sustainable living. Ditching meat for these products is becoming a trend around the globe and the Emirates is no different. So to provide high-quality plant-based meat, Switch Food has launched its first UAE Facility.

A brand-new facility in Abu Dhabi has been established to produce plant-based beef. Soon you will see this brand being reflected in the UAE supermarkets. The products are expected to reach the stores by May.

1,000 kg of plant-based meat can be produced each hour or 8,000 kg per day. This newly constructed Switch Foods factory has 2,000 square metres of space in the capital’s Khalifa Industrial Zone.

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Abu Dhabi SME Hub

This tale belongs to Edward Hamod, the visionary founder of Switch Foods, an avant-garde UAE-based F&B startup that's reshaping the realm of meat alternatives for Arab cuisines.


Al Watan

أعلنت شركة سويتش فوودز، الشركة الناشئة المتخصصة بالتكنولوجيا الغذائية وإنتاج اللحوم من المصادر النباتيةعن توفر مجموعة من منتجاتها المبتكرة في متاجر التجزئة وعلى منصات المأكولات الإلكترونية الكبرى في دولة الإمارات


Timeout Abu Dhabi

Back in April, Abu Dhabi’s first plant-based meat factory opened in Khalifa Industrial Zone. And now you can buy GMO-free, soy-free, allergen-free, gluten-free, vegan, and halal-certified kebabs, soujuk, minced meat and burger patties at supermarkets across the city.


The Pro Chef

Abu Dhabi-based alternative meat brand Switch Foods reveals the official launch of its product range, now readily available at prominent retail outlets and leading online food platforms throughout the UAE.

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